Critical Factors

Material through week 5.

Demonstration of Core Bioinformatic Concepts

  1. Understanding of difference between memory/hard-drive space
  2. Ability to use versioning software such as git
  3. Understanding of private/public keys
  4. Understanding of different data-types (integer, char, etc)
  5. Understanding of JSON, etc
  6. Understanding basic HTTP
  7. Creation of a good README.

Demonstration of BASH

  • Understanding of how to set permissions
  • Understanding of basic unix commands
  • Understanding of VIM
  • Understanding of PATH
  • cron time

Demonstration of Python

  • Understanding reading/writing of false
  • Understanding how to get information from command-line
  • Understanding how to use a “list” or a “dictionary”.
  • Understanding how to use a “dictionary” to convert data using a look-up.
  • Understanding of using a conditional and a loop
  • Use of Regex
  • Use of Dataframes.