Keck Genomics Platform

Genomics has become essentially the center of discovery and translational research across the globe. The importance of genetics and nucleic acid perturbations is all but ubiquitous as we move to understand the etiology of most human diseases and conditions. The ability to understand such complex conditions at its core will ultimately contribute to improvements in medical treatments and healthier communities.

Established in 2017, Keck Genomics Platform (KGP) is a service platform designed to support the Keck School of Medicine, USC, and its affiliates with a high throughput next-generation sequencing ecosystem to help translate the basic code of life. KGP’s mission is to build a collaborative environment and provide a team-driven research platform by implementing next-generation technologies. Our ultimate goal is to drive advances in translational genomics and to pave a way towards innovation and personalized medicine.

Mission. Keck Genomics Platform's mission is to provide cutting-edge high-throughput genomic resources with complete support that encompasses the development of novel sequencing research methodologies, generation of high-quality data, and front-line informatics pipelines for clinically relevant interpretation across broad range of complex human diseases. Our team is comprised of world-renown experts in genomics and bioinformatics with a commitment to collaborative approaches to help propel clinically relevant translational research and build foundational building blocks of precision medicine.

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Sequencing Platform

Illumina NovaSeq 6000. Illumina's newest two color sequencer capable of generating up to 6 Tb of data with a total of 20 billion reads on single 2-flow cell run in 48 hours.

Illumina MiSeq. Illumina benchtop sequencer optimized for speed and ease of next generation sequencing data use.  It utilizes a single flow cell lane with maximum capacity of 25 million reads and 15 gigabasex of data per flowcell and up to 39 hours of run time on a 300 pair-end flow-cell.  It utilizes MiSeq Reporter as the analysis tool

Complete Agilent Bravo. Liquid handling solution equipped with high-accuracy pipette heads for 96-well microplates capable of processing 8 x 96 samples that is integrated with PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer with VWorks automation control software for driving the integration.