From library preparation to producing high-quality sequencing data, we offer a variety of sequencing services across different species to meet today’s fast-paced research environment.


Whole-genome sequencing service includes sample QC, library preparation, and deep coverage sequencing that can be scaled according to the needs of the project.


Exome enrichment focuses on the coding regions of the genome and is a cost-effective alternative to whole genome sequencing. Exome sequencing captures 40-65 Mbp of coding exonic regions with high specificity and coverage.

RNA-Seq (Total transcriptomic, mRNA by poly-a pulldown and mRNA by enrichment)

Analyzing the transcriptome provides researchers with information to characterize gene expression, gene fusions, alternative splicing, and novel transcripts. Standard coverage ranges from ~20-50 million paired reads with KGP providing standard services at 35M Paired-end (70M total) reads, but can be scaled to meet specific project objectives.

Targeted Sequencing and Custom Enrichment

Isolating genomic regions of interest with targeted gene enrichment panels allows for cost-effective, focused detection of germline and somatic mutations. Pre-defined cancer panels cover over 300 cancer-related genes with high specificity and deep coverage. Custom gene panels can also be designed to meet specific project objectives.

Whole-Genome-Bisulfide Sequencing, and Single-Cell Sequencing services are also available.

We can also sequence your pre-made Illumina-compatible libraries. The NovaSeq runs are priced based on sample type per sample basis whereas MiSeq are priced on a per run basis!